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Oil Changes

The most inexpensive and simple way to maintain and extend the life of your car is to regularly change the oil with the proper oil - Full Synthetic. At Robert’s, we only utilize oil recommended directly by the manufacturer. Make an appointment for your Full Synthetic oil change today!

Air conditioning

From recharging, flush and fill, leak evaluation to repair and complete replacement of your system, Robert’s has you covered with your air conditioning needs.

Spring Maintenance

Robert’s seasonal preventative maintenance service package is designed to get your vehicle Spring ready! The winter is rough on the roads and rough on your car. Wheel realignment and wheel balancing in the spring can undo that winter damage. Battery tests and more, we will have you ready for the Spring!

Fuel System Cleaning

If your vehicle is lacking acceleration or feeling sluggish, a fuel system cleaning will do the trick. A fuel system cleaning removes dirt build up and particles, improving your vehicles performance and reducing your chances of future repairs. It even improves gas mileage and reduces emissions!

Wiper Blades and Headlights

Improve your visibility and safety with Robert’s Wiper Blades and Headlights Service! From a simple bulb replacement to a complete headlight restoration, we make sure you’ll be safe and be seen.

Winter Maintenance

Preparing your vehicle for the winter is essential. Tire inflation, battery checks, belts and hoses inspection, heading, wiper blade inspection and much more, our Winter Maintenance Service Package gives you what you need to make it through the winter.


If your battery fails, that’s it. We make sure your battery is properly maintained or replaced so you never have to worry about it.

Filter Replacement

Air filters are vital to the efficiency of your vehicle. Keeping them clean and replaced ensures your vehicles performance is never suffering. Schedule an appointment today!

Fluid Exchanges

Replacing fluids and keeping proper levels is an essential for vehicle safety and performance. We provide every exchange possible: Antifreeze, Coolant Flushes, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Transmission Fluid, 4-wheel Drive Systems such as Transfer Case and Differentials and more. Schedule your appointment today!

Starting and Charging

With Robert’s FREE Starting and Charging System Evaluation, we diagnose your vehicle’s starter and alternator and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light on? Bring it to Robert's! We work on ALL makes and models, foreign and domestic. No need to bring your vehicle to the dealer, our ASE certified technicians are masters in fixing the problem the right way the first time with quality parts.

Robert’s 2 Year Guarantee

This includes suspension, steering, brakes, heating & air conditioning, electrical, engine, transfer case, transmission, drive axle, rental reimbursement, trip interruption, and emergency roadside assistance as outlined by the Zurich Vehicle Service Contract brochure.


If your tires are misaligned, it can rapidly shorten the life of your tires. With Robert’s Alignment Service, we will improve the life of your tires and increase fuel efficiency, all while improving driver safety.


We have full service remounting and balancing for your tires along with any repair that you may need, from a pesky nail causing a leak to a complete replacement. We can also order any tire for any make or model vehicle that you have.


Are your brakes squeaky or grinding? We repair brakes on any an make or model. From minor adjustment to complete replacement our ASE certified technicians use the best parts available.

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